1. Invest in your education

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be getting ahead to what appears to be with ease from people watching from a distance? Well, these people are intentional about their careers, they invest in their skills. Today there are so many ways to invest in learning, with countless free online learning material, the world is your playground. Perhaps the question is where do you start and what do you study exactly? The first step is to ask yourself some honest questions about what your ideal career would be like. Invest in research to find more people doing the same thing you would like to do. Career platforms such as LinkedIn would be the best place to start. Remember to be to be true to yourself and do what will make you happy, because where there is passion, hard work comes naturally.

2. Make friends with people who have a great work ethic and optimistic attitude

The people you know will determine how far you go, sure you have heard something along those lines. This statement carries so much weight, we tend to do what our friends do or perhaps we act like it without even putting much thought to it. What better way to accelerate your career than to invest in relationships that will challenge and take you to the next level.

3. Dress the part

Having technical & interpersonal skills is awesome, but when last did you shave or got your weave/wig washed? Personal grooming can be a deal breaker. Leaders are thought of as people who have “Stuff” figured out, you cannot afford to go out there less sure about how you look. Whether in uniform or not, ensure you are happy with yourself when in public.

4. Leave the office late occasionally

Are you one of those employees who rushes out of meetings just because it is time for knock off? Well, professional career navigators get the job done each time. Of course, not to the extent where your job affects your health and family. When done in moderation, this should give you a chance to advance faster in your line of work.

5. Invest in your fitness

Perhaps you are wondering what this has to do with this post, as you work harder in navigating your career, you will notice that your body will require more energy to stay awake and alert. Career Navigators invest in good fitness routines to ensure they are functioning at the very best. Your body is everything you have to get you from Point A to Point B, therefore it is important that it is well taken care of and looked after.