Carlota David – Howoses

Technical Assistant to Managing Director • MBA, Beng(Metallurgical Engineering) • Navachab Gold Mine, Namibia

“We all have that one skill that we are good at and aware of. Find it and let it be seen, let it be heard, put it out there always!”

Carlota David – Howoses is Technical Assistant to the Managing Director at Navachab Gold Mine. Her zest for knowledge and growth has allowed her to climb the corporate ladder in her field. Managing a career in mining and at the same time succeed as a wife and a mother can be a daunting task, however with her success, she is proving women can have it all. Read more to find out how she manages the boardroom and her home.

1. As Technical Assistant to the Managing Director at Navachab Gold Mine, what is the current scope of your role?

  • Prepare weekly, monthly and/or yearly operational performance reports for the Managing Director and as required by the operations committee.
  • Prepare and coordinate data and report packs as required for the operations committee and board meetings.
  • Coordinate and facilitate business improvement initiative projects. I have recently finalized a new business improvement procedure and policy for the mine. This is currently under review for approval.
  • Give specialist input as required or directed by the Managing Director.
  • Conduct post audit on implemented projects, with focus on scope, technical data/delivered results, business case updates, costs and overall project schedules.

2. Many study and acquire qualifications but struggle to make it to the top, what strategies have you applied in your career to climb the corporate ladder and still climbing to higher ranks?

We all have that one skill that we are good at and aware of. Find it and let it be seen, let it be heard, put it out there always! Get a mentor(s) use them accordingly and keep networking.

3. What motivates you to be a high performer in your career?

Two things; my family and personal growth.

4. What career and dream killers would you advice ambitious professionals to refrain from?

I would not advice anyone to refrain from any career. I believe that every career or profession has its place in the market place. What I absolutely admire are people that actually enjoy what they do and passionate about their profession. I support and encourage technical schools and colleges with a high degree of practical training. This I believe is a true merger of passion and skills, where people have the opportunity to mostly work with their hands and in most cases do what they enjoy or are good at and in turn  deliver services and products to the market place.

At the same time, I encourage young learners who are passionate about studying engineering related fields and not sure what field to embark upon, to look up Industrial Engineering. In short, industrial engineers create systems that eliminate resources that do not generate value and in doing so, improve quality and productivity of an organisation. The career choices for industrial engineers are broad and vast.

Dream killers for me are: procrastination, lack of consistency and not delivering results. Do not over promise on anything.

5. What commonalities are among high achievers?

Consistency, attention to detail and the zest for continuous learning.

6. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years ?

GM/MD/CEO or equivalent.

7. As a woman in a leadership position, how do you balance work and family responsibilities?

Routine and planning is what works for me. I always plan both at work and at home. I plan my work for the day and week. I plan the meals at home. I do meal preparation for a few days to allow myself time to spend with my son and husband after work instead of cooking every single night away.