1. Office Gossip

Unless you are telling your very close friend or family member about something you are not particularly happy with, please we would not recommend gossiping. It is human nature to fall short and be discontent and get disappointed sometimes which can lead to gossip. However, you need to be aware of your surrounding and who you are telling your deepest thoughts to. If you want to be taken seriously, the first thing that needs to go in the second half of 2018 is gossip. It is time to say goodbye to this ugly habit.

2. Calling in sick all the time

Unless you are very sick and cannot get out of bed, calling in sick every chance you get is just so 2016. This is not a good habit for someone who is serious about their career growth. When you do this often, your work will suffer big time and people will find it hard to trust you.

3. Not having an opinion

Companies employ people they believe have the capability to take their organizations to the next level. This comes with you having an opinion of your own.  It is nice to be that employee who is always on their own and not really having any confrontation with anyone, but this strategy does not work in the long run. How do you start if you are an introvert? Get engaged with colleagues by sending meaningful work emails, this should surely get you started. Take it one step at a time.

4. Over promising and under delivering

It is a common mistake most people make where they would jump to opportunities and say yes more than they say no, but sometimes this can be a downfall. Instead of overcommitting to delivering a task you are not skilled at, it would benefit the company you work for to think it through before committing to a deadline you cannot keep up with.

What we recommend you start doing is evaluating how long a task would take before you can complete it fully and being really honest with yourself before agreeing to any deadlines. And when you deliver, make sure you do more than the bare minimum required. With no doubt, soon when you start applying this method you will build stronger relationships with management as you will be seen as someone who gets the job done.

5. Taking personal problems to work

This point right here deserves to be at the top of this list. There is nothing that spells out crazy like having that co-worker who is always in fight mode because for some reason they are just angry all the time. Moving forward, if there are some serious problems at home, at least inform your manager and co-workers so that they are well aware of what you are going through. You don’t have to tell all the glory details about your life, choose carefully what you need to disclose to them, remember they are your co-workers and not your friends.

This could be to your benefit, as they may shift some responsibilities from you while you cope with your personal problems. What we call madness is shouting at people and ruining their day for no reason.

We hope these tips will help you go through the remainder of 2018 like you are on top of the world. Keep working and believing.